We work with clients throughout the Missouri in the area of employee benefit planning with additional services, including Medicare and individual health insurance coverages. Our commitment to excellence and philosophy of making a difference by educating, consulting and guiding our clients through challenging times differentiates Wilson & Co. from our competition.

Employers are under increasing pressure to provide a benefit program that can attract new talent and retain valuable employees. Changes in legislation, new trends in consumer driven health plans and the ever increasing cost of healthcare makes this a difficult task. As a respected leader in our industry, we help our clients face this challenge every day.

What differentiates us from others in the industry is the unique approach we take. We utilize Self-funded Health Plans, Rx Advocacy Programs and Proactive Health Management Programs  to take back control from large carriers and put it in the hands of employers.

By self-funding, employers save 20-40% while maintaining access to same providers, helping them attract and retain quality employees.

  • Aggregate stop-loss insurance protects you from large claims for the entire group.
  • Specific stop-loss insurance protects you from large claims for any one individual.
  • Self-funded plans eliminate carrier profit. Savings stay with the employer.

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Gain control over prescription drug costs and provide employees with greater access to affordable prescription medications.

  • Direct from manufacturer programs
  • Charitable donor programs
  • True wholesale Rx costs
  • Employer’s costs go down 60-80%

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Proactive Health Management Plan provides industry leading preventative care coverage. Improved health means a stronger, happier workforce.

  • Employees realize increases in spendable income of $60 – $130 per month.
  • Employers will receive a $330 net annual savings in FICA taxes per participating employee.

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